Product Info - Comfort Feed

  • Used by patients for over 11 yrs
  • Developed with patient input
  • Handmade Item with 100% 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE
  • Materials: Non-roll elastic, Color Coded Velcro, Braided elastic
  • Ships in US

The Comfort Feed, feeding tube belt is designed with the patient in mind and supports those who care for them by providing a secure, comfortable and simple solution to catheter/feeding tube management.

  • Secures feeding tube to the body reducing chances of complications,       dislodgment and kinks.
  • Easy access to the tube during feeding.
  • Aids in the feeding process by holding the shirt up out of the way during feeding.
  • Allows air to the site decreasing chances of infection.
  • Eliminate Tape and bulky items on the belly and other methods of “rigging”.

The Comfort Feed is made using a thin non-roll elastic that allows for the belt to be worn anywhere above or below the feeding tube insertion site on the belly or chest area.

Comfort Feed is the only belt with an adjustable neck strap that allows for the belt to be worn loose if needed AND holds the shirt up out of the way during feedings.

We use Color Coded Velcro for easy use; orange to orange holds the belt in place and the blue to blue holds the tube.

Our belt is highly customizable to fit different shapes and sizes. It can be slept in and showered in for 24 hour security.

** Try the Comfort Feed for other catheter needs! Please contact me with your questions.**

As a Radiation Therapist RT (R)(M)(T) for 14 years I couldn’t stand to see the patients with feeding tubes struggle each day. I noticed it was more than an inconvenience to these people, it was simply UNMANAGEABLE!

I designed and manufactured the belts at home and gave them to patients at no cost, asking only for their feedback in return.

The Comfort Feed evolved through patient feedback to become the most versatile, adjustable and comfortable feeding tube belt.