About Us

I started out as a young mother in the field of Radiology, an x-ray tech and Mammographer. After 10 years of seeing patients come and go and never knowing what actually happened to them, I entered into the field of Radiation Therapy. I worked as a Radiation Therapist for 14+ years at the Community Cancer Center in Roseburg, Oregon.  It was there that I treated countless patients over the years who had to deal with FEEDING TUBES.

I watched as these people struggled not only with the loss of not being able to eat by mouth, but the frustration with not having a way to manage their feeding tube. For both the patient and their care takers.

This moved me to find a solution to help them win back their dignity and independence. 

I went to work designing and manufactured, at home a Feeding Tube Belt, to which I gave to those patients at no cost, asking only for their feedback in return.  The Feeding Tube Belt was continuously being improved based on patient feedback until I came up with the most secure, discrete and comfortable feeding tube holder possible...aka the COMFORT FEED - Feeding Tube Belt.

When people started asking me why I wasn’t making this design available to the rest of the feeding tube users out there and I realized they were right!

I could help thousands of people find the freedom that comes with a well managed feeing tube.

What started out as a feeding tube solution has turned into a passion to solve medical issues so you don’t have too.


Erika Maritz

 Radiation Therapist RT, (R)(M)(T)