COMFORT FEED - A Genius Solution For People With Feeding Tubes.


The Comfort Feed, feeding tube belt is designed with the patient in mind and supports those who care for them by providing a secure, comfortable and affordable solution to feeding tube management.   

  • Secures (Peg-tube, J-tube) feeding tube to the body reducing the chance of kinks, complications caused by tension on the tube, and even dislodgment.
  • Aids in the feeding process by holding the shirt up, out of the way during feeding.
  • Easy access to the tube during feeding.
  • Allows air to the site decreasing chances of infection.
  • Eliminate tape and bulky items on the belly and other methods of “rigging”.


The Comfort Feed is made using a thin non-roll elastic that allows for the belt to be worn anywhere above or below the feeding tube insertion site on the belly or chest area.  Comfort Feed is the only belt with an adjustable neck strap that allows for the belt to be worn loose if needed AND holds the shirt up out of the way during feedings.

We use Color Coded Velcro for easy use; orange to orange holds the belt in place and the blue to blue holds the tube.

Our belt is highly customizable to fit different body shapes and sizes.  It can be slept in and showered in for 24 hour security.


  • the only feeding tube holder with an adjustable neck strap allowing for the belt to be worn loose if needed and for the shirt to be held up during feeding.
  • Exclusive non-roll elastic band that can be worn anywhere above or below the insertion site, providing ultimate flexibility.
  • color coded Velcro for easy use, blue to blue holds the belt in place, while orange holds the tube. Hook and Loop system allows you the freedom to... independently manage the tube and the belt, allowing easy access to the tube. feeding tube in place without having to remove the belt
  • Wear it how you want. One versatile design to fit any body shape or size. 
  • breathable, can be slept in and even showered in for 24 hour security.
  • Anywhere, anytime slept in, showered in providing total independence and freedom


I quickly found what patients didn’t like.

  • I too started with a wide band, but soon found that it would fold when bending or sitting.
  • Other belts must be worn tight at the sensitive insertion site.
  • They can hold in moisture leading to infection.
  • They can’t be showered in
  • They are extremely cumbersome


COMFORT WRAPS provide an easy way to add extra padding when and where you need it on your Comfort Feed Belt.


  • Available in 3 colors; red, orange or blue -“Just because it’s medical doesn’t mean it has to look medical”.
  • Apply anywhere on the belt where extra comfort is needed.
  • Made of soft, non-pill fleece and Velcro (other fabrics available upon request).
  • Set includes two 6 inch wraps for the belt and one 12 inch wrap for the neck strap.
  • Simply remove and machine wash in the delicates laundry bag provided.

Add on:

The Comfort Feed Mesh laundry bag for delicates provides a safe way to store and wash your Comfort Feed Belt and/or Comfort Feed Wraps.

  • Made of high quality fine mesh with extra strong net: Breathable polyester fiber construction for a thorough cleaning and drying.
  • Use of high quality YKK zipper, rust resistant, smooth, snag free and reliable
  • Hanger loop for convenience and easy storage.
  • Bags are sewn 3 times around the edges for added strength and durability.
  • Size 12”x15”
  • Certified: FDA, SGS, AZO Free




Our Comfort Feed Pack comes with:

  • One Comfort Feed Belt.
  • One set of (3) Comfort Wraps for added padding where needed.
  • One delicates laundry bag to safely store all pieces of the Comfort Pack and protect other clothing from the Velcro on the belt.